List Of 10 Most Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid While Charging Your Smartphone

Our smartphone are so important to us and its our responsibility to take good care of it at all cost, One basic thing that kills smartphones is Battery. If the battery is not well maintained it deteriorate faster.
Charging is one of the most important thing but at the same time most dangerous because it kills battery life as well. in this post, i will be showing you some common mistakes to avoid while charging your smartphone to avoid in other to make your phone life to last longer.

List Of Most Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid While Charging Your Smartphone

  1. Remove Protective Case While Charging:This causes phone to slightly warm while charging, so always remove protective case while charging. This may act as a barrier and slow down heat dissipation. Additionally, you can flip your phone over while charging.
  2. Avoid Third Party Battery Apps: There are numerous third party applications available on Google playstore that proves to increase your battery life span. These apps may not do any good than to increase the workload of your phone and uses even more battery power.
  3. Avoid Frequent Re-charging: Studies have shown that frequent and unnecessary recharges can shorten the lifespan of your phone battery. You must not always charge your phone when it decreases a little but you can recharge when it decreases to at least 25%.
  4. Avoid Playing Games While Charging: Many are guilty of these, Game is addictive and tempting but if it is the only reason behind the draining of your smartphone battery, you should restrain from playing games while charging because it can also cause overheating issues.
  5. Always Charge Your Phone Battery Up To 80%: It’s not necessary that your phone should charge up to a 100% maximum. Charging up to 80% is enough for a day and it is good for battery life span but crossing the 80% mark might make your phone overheat and thereby affecting its life.
  6. Charge With Original Charger: Always check your phone charger current (A) and output voltage (V) before you charge your phone. This is to check if its compatible with your device. Avoid using duplicate charger and always charge with your original charger, no matter any circumstances you find yourself because this will prolong your battery’s life.
  7. Never Charge Your Smartphone Battery Overnight: Stop the habit and practice of charging your smartphone overnight and always unplug your charger when you feel the battery is sufficiently charged. Charging your smartphone overnight decreases your phone longevity and also causes overheating issue.
  8. Avoid Using Fast Chargers: Some people might not agree with this point but it’s true. Everybody want to charge their phone faster with a fast charger which can damage the phone in a long run and might not be the best choice for your battery’s health. The process involves higher voltage which leads to high temperature. Therefore, avoid using fast charger.
  9. Avoid Using Phone While Connected To A Power Bank: This is one of the dangerous causes of battery deterioration. Do not use your power bank while charging because it will raise the internal temperature of the phone and shorten its life span gradually. Also it is advisable you use power bank for charging as well.
  10. Use Power Banks: Power banks gives a battery extra life. When you want to purchase a power bank, you have to notice few things like your power bank have to promise you protection against overcharging, voltage surge, short circuit e.t.c. These features will however make sure your battery last longer.

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