Snapchat Now Lets You Add Links, Voice Filters and Backdrops to Stories.

Snapchat these days has released an thrilling update on their mobile apps (iOS and Android) that looks to be centered at those individuals who use their accounts to promote themselves.

Starting today, Snapchat users should look out for a paperclip icon on your toolkit which you’ll use to type in a hyperlink. whilst other Snapchat users tap on that link, it’ll open in Snapchat’s internal browser, just like how we see on Instagram.

That is not all in this update. Snap has introduced Backdrops which allows you to tap on a new icon inside the scissors device to feature colourful styles on the cut area of your snap. The backdrop selections will be turned around each day, just like how we have seen with the much loved AR Lenses.

Voice filters is the opposite new feature in this update as a way to permit users to apply a selection of character voice filters to make a remix of their voices. initially, voice filters were to be had in a few AR lenses and it’s far interesting now Snapchat has determined to lead them to a separate function.

The alternative feature is that now users could be able to create their personal geofilters right within Snapchat. formerly, you needed to do it on computing device and now you will be capable of create a geofilter for a marriage or graduation party and they may begin at $5.99. that is one of the ways Snapchat is monetizing its platform and it’s miles about time they added that capability in the app.

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